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How to deliver your CV correctly - WMAD Group

How to deliver your CV correctly

Have you thought that it is all perhaps in your delivery? How you deliver your CV to an employer or agency, what you say in your opening paragraph on email, what font you use…….how you engage right from that very first email.
I get many, many CV’s in from South Africans and globally on a daily basis. Often it is just the CV attached and no other info on the email, I therefore don’t know which job you are applying for so am tempted to just delete your CV (I am sure other recruiters will feel the same). On other occasions I get 1 word responses with purely a “yes” on the email, again that CV could be winging its way into the bin. Its a harsh environment out there and you need to showcase who you are in the best possible light. Think about your delivery…..always.
Have a strong opening paragraph, what job you are applying for, where you will be living, when you are available from etc
Engage, engage and engage, I can’t say it enough. It is about relationship building, providing enough info to gain an employer or recruiters interest, be friendly, be polite and try to make a connection as you will be remembered!

Heidi Saunders

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