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Between searching for jobs, sending in applications, doing phone screens, and going on interviews, there is a lot to keep track of when your job hunting. Add that to the sheer number of positions you will likely be applying to, and it is easy to lose track of things along the way. A spreadsheet puts … Continue Reading

How to deliver your CV correctly

Have you thought that it is all perhaps in your delivery? How you deliver your CV to an employer or agency, what you say in your opening paragraph on email, what font you use…….how you engage right from that very first email. I get many, many CV’s in from South Africans and globally on a … Continue Reading

Closing an interview

Always close the interview on a positive note, even if you did not think that it went that well. The interviewer may have thought otherwise Confirm your strengths and the reason why you will be an asset to the company If you really want the job, ASK FOR IT If the job is offered to … Continue Reading